YORK, PA..— April 28, 2014: A&S Services Group LLC continues to expand its operations,
acquiring two new agencies, purchasing another building in York, Pa., and growing its fleet.
A&S Services obtained JR Markham and A-List Enterprises, LLC, expanding the reach of the
company. Stationed in Jacksonville, Fla., JR Markham has 10 trucks. Based out of Norfolk, Va.,
A-List Enterprises plans to have 12 tractors by the end of spring. These strategically placed
agencies will help A&S Services broaden its drayage and inland transport in preparation for
increased demand after the completion of the Panama Canal expansion.

A&S Services completed the purchase of a 340,000-square-foot warehouse complex known as
the “Wolf Building” in West York. The Wolf Organization, Inc., the largest supplier of kitchen
cabinets in the U.S., will continue to be stationed in the building but will share the space with
A&S Services beginning in 2015. The Wolf Organization is one of A&S Services’ valued
partners. Ken Buck, CEO of A&S Services, is excited to share this opportunity with them: “The
purchase of the Wolf facility in West York will be strategic for us both in terms of the services we
offer to the Wolf Organization and their new product lines.” The purchase is a significant
addition to A&S Services’ York campus and is located across Market Street from its current
operations and warehouse facilities.

A&S Services purchased 120 new Volvo Sleeper and Day Cab units. While many of these units
will replace older trucks, a third of them are intended to grow the fleet. Buck says that this
purchase is essential to expanding the business: “This will dramatically lower our maintenance
costs and put us in a very favorable position to hire the badly needed professional Commercial
Driver’s License (CDL) drivers that are the most important ingredient in our business.”
With these new acquisitions, A&S Services continues to assert its position as the premier
transportation and logistics company operating in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest.

About A&S Services

A&S Services Group LLC is a premier provider of transportation, warehousing, distribution, and
logistics solutions focused on high quality, best-in-class customer service throughout the
Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest. The company has more than 600 employees who are
supply chain and warehousing specialists. They deliver solutions that inspire confidence and
bring satisfaction.

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