A & S Services Group has earned one of the top safety awards in Pennsylvania

A & S Services Group has earned one of the top safety awards in PennsylvaniaA & S Services Group, LLC, has earned one of the top safety awards in Pennsylvania, PMTA’s Safety Management Council Fleet Safety Award. A&S Services Group received first place in the general commodities, truckload, over 3 million miles category. PMTA announced the awards at the 2013 Annual Management Conference on May 18 in Cambridge, Md.

Twenty PMTA member companies earned Fleet Safety Awards for outstanding safety records and activities. The Fleet Safety Awards affords three types of competitions for truck fleets. They are as follows:

Safety record – competition between fleets of similar size, type and scope of operation. Awards are given in each division and mileage class to those fleets with the lowest number of reportable accidents per million vehicle miles of operation. Competition is conducted in the following divisions: general commodities truckload, general commodities less-than-truckload, tank trucks, household goods, heavy haulers, flatbeds, dump trucks and miscellaneous fleets.

Safety improvement – a certificate is awarded to each fleet that improves upon its record of the preceding year. A division improvement is given to the fleet in each division that has the greatest reduction in its frequency rate.

PMTA overall winners – awarded to the motor carrier with the most outstanding safety program and record of safety activities. Competition is limited to winners in the Fleet Safety Awards contest.

Each contestant must submit an annual report of its mileage and accident experience. Accidents must be reported, regardless of fault or if they occur on public or private property. Awards are based on the basis of the contestants’ accident frequency rates. Contestants with the lowest accident frequency rate in each division and mileage class receive first place awards, and second and third place awards are given to the next ranking contestants in each group. Safety improvement award are determined by comparing the ratio of the contestant’s frequency rate for the current year to the rate for the previous year.

This year, more carriers than ever submitted entries for the Fleet Safety Awards. Fleets receiving awards represent an outstanding achievement for all employees.

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